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DEVO – Brighton Dome 18th June 2007

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Devo’s show at Brighton’s Dome started in spectacular form, with a Pathe News-style video offering the audience advice about how to dress and act correctly - an uncomfortably appropriate parallel to Blair’s nanny-state. Then Devo’s recently re-formed classic line-up of Bob Casale, Gerald V. Casale, Bob Mothersbaugh and Mark Mothersbaugh, together with drummer Josh Freese was onstage and thundering into opener That’s Good. From the first song to the very end of the show, the entire audience at the fully-seated Dome were standing, transfixed by the relentless sledgehammer sound, and mesmerising stage show. As Devo’s previous UK dates were over 15 years ago, it is fair to assume that not many at the show would have seen the band play live before, and their enjoyable, but often overly-mannered and quirky recordings gave no hint of the piledriving sound of the band onstage.Peek-A-Boo, Girl U Want, Whip It, Secret Agent Man, and Satisfaction were followed by a trip out into the audience by the band, who by now had temporarily abandoned the multiple synthesisers for guitars, bass and choreography.

Jocko Homo – Devo’s calling card – with its jerky rhythms and robotic dance routines was an undoubted performance highlight, with the band shedding their corporate jumpsuits and running on the spot in their black sorts and shirts, hurling their trademark plastic plantpot “hats” into the audience.

Suddenly, they are gone, and the video screen is showing a photo of the band saluting, whilst the Star Spangled Banner is playing. There isn’t time to wonder whether the show is actually over before they are back on stage and thundering into Freedom Of Choice. An onstage appearance of Booji-Boy followed – Devo’s weird mutation who looks like a radioactive mutation of Ronald McDonald and Andy from Little Britain. And then they really are gone.Bands who reform so long after their heyday rarely reach their former glories, but in Devo’s case they must now surpass their previous best live efforts.

Catch them on their UK tour. You may not see a better show this year.

Reviewed by Phil Rae |


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